Battlefield inspired Video Laryngoscope

IntuBlade is a single-use disposable video laryngoscope system with a patented lens cleaning nozzle, designed for visualization of difficult and compromised airways

Feedback from the industry

This device goes one step beyond a normal video laryngoscope solving the largest problem that has limited the video laryngoscopes. It is revolutionary!​

B. Stein MD. Emergency Medicine Physician, FL

Nailed the part of being able to clean off the camera mid attempt…an idea that definitely meets demands

R. LaChapelle Paramedic and Simulationist #BloodHellSALAD Team

Eliminates the concern for a bloody airway contaminating your camera…If this had been invented earlier it would already be the standard of care

A. Jandu MD. Emergency Medicine Physician, FL

Successful intubation is almost guaranteed with a good view of the vocal cords. The Intublade system makes visualizing the cords easy, and enables rapid switching between direct and video laryngoscopy by simply moving your eyes. Regardless of how challenging the conditions in the airway become, whether complicated by traumatic bleeding, stomach contents, or edema, I feel confident trusting Intublade.

Walt D’Alonzo MD FAAEM

The device is designed for direct and video laryngoscopy use, and spray function eliminates the concern of camera contaminations during video laryngoscopy. I would feel confident using this device in any airway scenario.

C. Hagen MD. Emergency Medicine Physician, FL

Amazing video laryngoscope! Easy to use and love the ability to clean the camera without having to take the laryngoscope out of the mouth. Definitely part of my airway essentials.

K. Wright MD. Emergency Medicine Physician, FL

Intublade provides a reliable video laryngoscope view even after repeated camera contamination. The design and spray function make its utility universal in any airway. I would like to see this in my emergency department!

D. Valenzuela MD. Emergency Medicine Physician, FL.

The intublade was like no other advanced airway tool I’ve ever used... It worked perfectly. It’s so simply practical and naturally intuitive. After personally using one I can’t believe these aren’t already mainstream, both in the hospital and out in the field. I give it a 10/10, hands down the best invention yet of its kind!

R. Boccio MD. Emergency Medicine Physician, FL

What Elon Musk would have used if he was ever forced to intubate anyone. It may not take you to space, but it will definitely show you things that you could not see before.

M. Hashemi MD. Emergency Medicine Physician, FL

Intublade is an intuitive and remarkable product. It takes the best of direct and video laryngoscopes with the added ability of cleaning the lens in a contaminated airway. It provided me with the upmost confidence even during the most difficult airway scenarios.

T. Jackson MD. Emergency Medicine Physician, FL

The device was easy to use and seemed to be more intuitive than the glidescope. The saline flush wash makes it easy to just keep the blade in the oropharynx when dealing with a messy airway. Hoping it comes to my institution.

A. Mittapalli MD. Emergency Medicine Physician, FL


    Easy to Use

    No additional airway training required for direct laryngoscopy users

    High Performance

    Lightweight and versatile airway device capable of continuous use time up to 3 hours

    Cost Efficient

    Durable and reusable video display with a disposable blade at a fraction of leading competitor’s cost

    Results FROM IRB-Cleared STUDY

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